for everybody asking what I am up to.

David J Engel

Raised by two designers I am a visual, creative character and thrilled by anything photography, space, sci-fi, e-mobility and green tech related. I love creative projects and thinking outside the box.

Through my visual affinity and interest in modern architecture and cities, photography and mapping the dense world of cities always had high significance for me. I am fascinated by urban areas where the human footprint makes cities of stone, concrete and glas alive. You can find my photography work at since 2010.

For over seven years I was responsible for online marketing and marketing strategy at From 2018 to 2019 I have put my marketing knowledge to good use at StreetScooter in Aachen as green technology and the fight against climate change have become key ambitions for me.

To focus even more on that topic I am from now on supporting Prof. Kampker's vision of a sustainable mobility ecosystem at PEM Motion. The company was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of Prof. Achim Kampker’s Chair for Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components at RWTH Aachen University (PEM) by some talented engineers coming from StreetScooter.

Having traveled alot I cannot unsee the environmental damage caused by humans. That's why I am an active supporter of where the core objective is the creation of a green sustainable model city of the future, the "Humanotop", in which all resources required are generated in the same geographical area. This applies in particular to energy (Urban Energy), water and food (Urban Farming), mobility (Urban Logistic Infrastructure) and other infrastructure required, including buildings and vegetation.