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David J Engel

David was born 1982 in Aachen, Germany. He studied Media Management in Cologne and is working in the internet, content and advertising business since then. Right now he is responsible for social media, CI/ CD, online and offline marketing at

David's interest in photography and modern post processing began in 2007. Through his visual affinity and interest in modern architecture and cities, he soon found that photography was more than a hobby. David is offering his photography work at Adobe Stock, where his photos are being licensed worldwide by publishers and press, agencies, editorial offices and direct customers.

David is a visual, creative character and thrilled by anything space, e-mobilty, Sci-Fi and tech related. In his freetime he's a father of 3, a mountainbiker and frequent traveler. His newest goals are getting into Blender, Unreal Engine and drone photography/videography and to continue producing high quality photographs across the world.