for everybody asking what I am up to.

David J Engel

Educated by two designers as parents and influenced by my father's internet and advertising work I am a visual, creative character and thrilled by anything space, e-mobility, sci-fi and green tech related. I love creative projects and thinking outside the box.

For over seven years I was responsible for online marketing and marketing strategy at

Since 2018 I am putting my marketing knowledge to good use at StreetScooter in Aachen as green technology and the fight against climate change have become key ambitions for me.

Through my visual affinity and interest in modern architecture and cities, photography and mapping the dense world of cities always had high significance for me. (You can find my photography work at
I am fascinated and terrified by urban areas at the same time – even if no people are visible the human footprint makes cities of stone, concrete and glas alive. It is time for a transformation in modern life. This fact will play a larger role in my professional career soon.